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06 July 2021 | DATA DASHBOARD

Funafuti Finfishes Near shore Result

Some 20 deep water fishes, including a range of commercially important pelagic and benthic, bottom dwelling species, were considered important by respondents, a significant number of which are overfished (Table 9). The most commonly reported included: 1) a range of tunas (Scomberidae), including yellowfin, bigeye, skipjack, mackerel and dogtooth tunas, known, respectively as takua, kasi, atu, atualo and valu, and wahoo, paala; 2) oilfish, palu, which is considered a delicacy and requires sophisticated fishing skills to catch; 3) billfishes, known generally as sākula, that include marlins, spearfishes and swordfishes, and the sailfish which is known ūlau; 4) rainbow runner, kamai and mahimahi, masimasi; 5) deepwater snappers and jobfishes, palau malau, palu sega and palu savane (Etelis, Aphareus and Pristipomoides spp.); and deepwater groupers or rockcods, palu gatala (Epenephelis spp.)(Table 3). Also listed in the category of larger deepwater fishes were sharks and dolphins which are discussed in separate