Waste Audit Report


Waste Generation in Tuvalu, 2019

From January 2019, the Department of Waste Management (DWM) started recording incoming waste volumes at the landfill. The data provided by DWM shows that an average of 5.5 m3 per day household waste entered the landfill since January 2019. This corresponds to a density of 208 kg/m3. The consultant team observed a very low compaction rate (with no equipment available for compaction) at the landfill and 208 kg/m3 corresponds to that observation.

Sources of Incoming Waste

By volume from Department of Waste Mnagament data, 38% of incoming waste is from households and 62% from other sources, including green waste. The landfill sample, gained over 6 days featured much less construction waste than DWM data, given the shorter timeframe and put the ratio at 53% household and 47% other sources.

Challenges for Tuvalu

  • Lack of landfill space
  • Inability to move or transport materials to appropriate markets.
  • Lack of financial, human resources and capacity to successfully implement activities including enforcement and collection of data
  • Lack of proper equipment to deliver new initiatives and high costs of equipment procurement and maintenance.
  • Transportation of Recyclable materials from Outer Islands
  • No proper storage facility for Hazardous waste


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