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06 July 2021 | dataset

APWC Waste Audits October 2019

Waste audit and interview data collected by APWC in October 2019.

Data and Resource

Waste Audit Report

Analysis of waste generation and disposal data…

Sources of Incoming Waste

By volume from DWM data, 38% of incoming waste…

Waste Generation Rate for Tuvalu in 2019

The overall generation rates of 2,904 kg/day…

APWC Commercial Premises Interviews

Interviews conducted on commercial premises…

APWC Household Interviews

Household interviews conducted at houses where…

APWC Complete audit and interview data

Big file containing high level audit data,…

APWC Audit data

Long form dataset containing data from APWC…

Field Value
Publisher Department of Environment, Tuvalu
Modified 26 April 2022
Release Date 06 July 2021
Identifier 8e0bd18a-f834-4fba-9e52-85a8682493c5
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Tuvalu
Relevant Countries Tuvalu
Language English
License Public
[Open Data]
Author Pacific Region Infrastructure Facility : Faafetai Sagapolutele, Amardeep Wander, Anne Prince; Geoffrey Thompson
Contact Name Mr. Walter Pulogo / Mr. Amerdeep Wander/ Mr. Faafetai Sagapolutele
Contact Email [email protected]