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02 March 2022 | dataset

HCFC Phase Out Schedule

Between 2000 and 2010, Tuvalu’s use of HCFCs increased slightly, due to the increased use of HCFC-22 in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment (Government of Tuvalu 2010). Since 2013, an annual quota system has been implemented to regulate the import of HCFCs and ensure a complete phase-out by 2030


Reference : Tuvalu State of Environment Report 2022

Data and Resource

HCFC Phase Out Schedule - Tuvalu

Tuvalu is a member of the Montreal Protocol…

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Publisher Department of Environment, Tuvalu, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme
Modified 02 March 2022
Release Date 02 March 2022
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Author Tuvalu Department of Environment