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06 July 2021 | dataset

Sea Level Threat in Tuvalu

The results of this academic study stated that the sea level rise rate in Tuvalu as at September 2008 was 5.9 mm year−1, based upon the 15½ years of sea level data. This was about four times higher than the global average of 1-2 mm year−1.

Sea level in Tuvalu area had risen approximately 9.14 cm since the inception of the project 15½ years ago. However, it was to be noted that the land is quite stable and the rate of land sinking is -0.06 mM year−1 only.

Data and Resource

Sea Level Threat in Tuvalu

In this study, sea level data from the…

Field Value
Publisher Department of Environment, Tuvalu
Modified 15 February 2022
Release Date 06 July 2021
Source URL
Identifier bb3d2faa-734d-42a9-bde3-519f6ef26e96
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Tuvalu
Relevant Countries Tuvalu
Language English
License Public
[Open Data]
Author Than Aung, Awnesh Singh and Uma Pras
Contact Name Physics Division, University of the South Pacific
Contact Email [email protected]