Susana Telekau

Ms Susana Telakau of Tuvalu joined our Pacific environment team at SPREP late last year, being the newest member to the Waste Management and Pollution Control.  Now the Solid Waste Management Adviser at SPREP, she is the former Assistant Secretary for the Ministry of Public Works, Infrastructure, Environment, Labour, Meteorology and Disaster of the Government of Tuvalu.

Her expertise in this area also saw her lead the Tuvalu Waste Management work as the Director of Department for many years.  “What interested me in waste is that there is a lot of things to waste.  Our waste can be resources, if not managed well there will be a lot of impacts to the environment and public health.  Working in this area has opened my eyes as to the impact waste has on more than just the environment.  It can affect our health, our community as a whole.”

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