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 Department of Environment, Tuvalu,  Tuvalu Fisheries

This data presents the value and volume of estimated fisheries catches and aquaculture harvest in the year 2014. It was presented in the 5th National Report to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

 Department of Environment, Tuvalu,  Tuvalu Fisheries

Data extracted from the 'Fisheries in the PICs' report, 2016. From the table, it can be seen that, in 2014, foreign-based offshore fishing in the Tuvalu zone produced 96,898 mt of fish, with an in-zone value of US$132 million (A$161 million).

 Department of Environment, Tuvalu,  Tuvalu Fisheries

Studies of the benefits to Pacific Island countries and territories from fisheries (“Benefish” studies) have been carried out in the past. Gillett and Lightfoot (2001) focused on the year 1999, Gillett (2009) focused on 2007, and the present study focuses on 2014.

The fishery production levels for Tuvalu from those three studies are presented in this data.

 Department of Environment, Tuvalu,  Tuvalu Fisheries

Tuvalu's shallow marine environments are dominantly fringing and patch reefs. Five of the islands are true coral atolls, with a continuous eroded reef platform surrounding a central lagoon, three islands are comprised of a single islet made up of sand and coral materials (McLean & Hosking, 1991). This article documents the status of corals reefs of Tuvalu, including threats to coral reef biodiversity.

 Department of Environment, Tuvalu,  Tuvalu Fisheries

This project report has two components

1) a field survey of the fish biodiversity of Tuvalu’s reefs and lagoons, as well as documenting the species commonly caught by local fishermen and
2) a field survey of selected macro-invertebrate and fish densities in Tuvalu’s lagoons, to assess the stocks of valuable species on each atoll and test the effectiveness of the Conservation Areas (CAs).

 Department of Environment, Tuvalu,  Tuvalu Fisheries

This datase provides a direct internet link to access fish species information such as (names, distribution, taxonomy, habitats, behavior, genetic etc) for Tuvalu

FishBase is a global species database of fish species (specifically finfish). It is the largest and most extensively accessed online database on adult finfish on the web.