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 Department of Environment, Tuvalu

As a Party to the UNCCD, Tuvalu is obliged to follow Section 9 and 10 of the Convention in preparing a National Action Plan. This NAP therefore is considered as the focus of actions, consolidation of projects and activities identified for an integrated solution to combating land degradation in Tuvalu.

 Department of Environment, Tuvalu

This study addresses rainfall trends, the frequency of droughts, La Niña influences and the relationship between rainfall and Sea Surface Temperature (SST) in Tuvalu. The findings revealed that;

* de-trended rainfall time series show declining trends in all four rainfall stations over the period 1953-2012;

* the frequency of drought ranges from three to fourteen years with a mean of nine years

* the occurrence of drought appears to follow the La Niña years

* boplots provide an effective option for defining drought